Blog Summary 2010

This is the first post on 2011 and I would like to do a summary of this blog for 2010. In 2010 I wrote 63 posts, I think this is about 50% of what I blogged on 2009. In  2010 ,  I blog less than 10 post each month compare to the starting of 2009 , which every month about 15+ posts.

In term of site analytic, this blog gain some visit and some page view drop compare to last year, closing on 64k visit and 81k page views. I have host this blog on linode VPS and it seem pretty stable.

In term of site income , my Google Adsense income is about $30 dollar more then 2009. Beside Google Adsense, I have put up some ebook ads on the sidebar, but it seem like only get me lesser then $10 for 2010. Another income will be the Linode referral on my site, I getting at least 3 user referral which save me more then $60 on hosting.

2011 should be more challenging for this blog, I would like to double the traffic and income by end  of 2011, let’s hope what I planning to do in 2011 will help.

update : almost forget about this , the top 10 post that I blog in year 2010

  1. using jQuery serialize to handle posting field
  2. Google DevFest Singapore 2010
  3. Fix the home link for custom menu
  4. My Barcampsg6 Experience
  5. iPhone4 + iPad = iComplete
  6. Goal Setting for 2010
  7. Goodbye Brizzly Hello #NewTwitter
  8. iPod Timeline
  9. Like Button – the dashboard for all your Facebook Likes !
  10. Envato WordPress Pack Bundle

the top 10 post since begining of this blog

  1. Death Note 2
  2. Web Messenger List
  3. Another april fool – World Of Starcraft ?
  4. The Lake House
  5. Can’t start Mysql error 1067
  6. phpBB 2.0.12 released
  7. Nokia N800 Coming To Sg !
  8. Share Hosting that i would like to recommend
  9. 300 Quote
  10. No matter how gifted you are,you alone cannot change the world

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