iPhone4 + iPad = iComplete

I didn’t have chance to talk about my gadget recently, so these are just some of the update, I got my iPad on 23 July which is the first day of iPad launch in Singapore and I just got my iPhone 4 last week, by having this 2 “i” device , I think I really feel “iComplete“..

So why am I getting iPad ? It fit into one of the special slot of my daily usage , it can be my ebook reader , which allow me to read my pdf any place , it can be my social magazine too by using Flipboard , going through Facebook news and twitter’s tweets etc. It really become a netbook replacement for me.

Why am I getting iPhone 4 ? I been waiting for it since the first generation ,I never get the first generation because  it doesn’t have 3g, I didn’t get the iPhone 3g because the i m on contract , I didn’t get the iPhone 3GS because the batt life sucks and finally I got it after the long wait, it is the same feeling when I getting my first personal computer in 1997.

I’m iComplete : )

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