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I become a mac switcher since 2007 and never regret. Since then mac become something important to me other than web.One of my favourite way to enjoy mac is playing around with different kind of mac application, i have share some of the interesting mac application and some of my mac experience.


Mac App to Saas

AgileBits launch family plan few day ago after they launch the 1password for team last year, this seems like another variant from their team plan, the next one might be 1password for friends? I can...


My apple care incident

I bought a Macbook air last year , as usual I thought of extend the Apple care before the first year warranty ended, I nearly can’t extend it because it has been overdue, but...


Atom text editor

I just got the text editor invite few day ago , yesterday I spend a few hour on it , here are my short review , compare to the Sublime text 3 I...


Bill Engine Quick View

I think I should blog about Bill Engine after finnish importing all my existing clients and invoices and play around with a bit more but the promotion is going to end today , so...