Category: Free As In Beer

This is the open source applications and free software category. It is not just about software which is ‘free as in beer’ , It also include software with the real free – freedom ! Open Source Software/ Open Source Applications which showing their source code openly and getting feedback and improvement from the users.


Firefox 4 Released

I guess this is a bit late , but Mozilla has announced the official launch of Firefox 4 , this will be an excited news for all the Firefox out there , you can get...

You got Yslow , i have Page Speed 0

You got Yslow , i have Page Speed

The first impression about Google’s Page Speed after i found out on Google Code Blog is – This is aiming on Yahoo YSlow. Both are extend from Firebug , both are use it to...

SourceForge 2008 Community Choice Awards 0

SourceForge 2008 Community Choice Awards

Sourceforget is one of my favourite site, when i start learning about all kind of open source script/application, although blog about this now seem a bit too late , but i feel like mention...