Firefox 3 – download as support !

2 & 1/2 hour more, you will be able to download Firefox 3 , the latest version of firefox and it going to be the most download software in the next 24 hours, i think this shouldn’t be the problem.

Currently i m using firefox 3 RC 3 @ home ( yeah Mac version ) and firefox 3 in the office, for my personal experience , i would say this latest release is a lot better then firefox 2, especially on memory management, interface and some other new feature, maybe exclude the awesome bar ?

One of my colleague have a funny habit , she will try to minimize the firefox a few time quickly to reduce the memory usage of firefox2( avoid slow loading) , i think after firefox 3 release , i should be no chance to see her do that 😛

please download firefox 3 after 1am tonight ( singapore time ) , auto update from browser not counted, i will download from the site to show my support, gg firefox !

Download Day 2008

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