Category: Geek Events

starting of 2010 , I start to attend all kind of geek event. It’s not really good that attent these event lonely, that’s why I been skipping for the past few year. No diff for now , but I try to attend myself and know new people in the event.


Matt Mullenweg Live In SG

I just spend around 4~5 hours on travel yesterday in order to attend an event that meet up with the WordPress founder  – Matt Mullenweg. I do feel a little bit struggle to attend...


The “Shit” moment of Laracon

First of all this post is just for laugh, nope this is noting against Laracon , is just that When I read about Laravel Forge, I love it but at the same time the same...


Laracon though Twitter & Live Blogging

Last night was the first day of Laracon and while I typing this post the second day is running now. It’s such a unique experience to read the live blogging for a conference. other then WWDC,...


Awsomeday Singapore

I just came back from the first Amazon Awsome Day Singapore, it is my first conference this year and I m really lucky it fall on the day I need to travel to SG....