Awsomeday Singapore

I just came back from the first Amazon Awsome Day Singapore, it is my first conference this year and I m really lucky it fall on the day I need to travel to SG.

So I been play around with AWS service for a while and I did follow some of the AWS news , so I roughly have some idea which services is doing what , but today the whole day lesson basically let me go through every single service that AWS provided. Basically they provide most of the service for you to run a successful web application/services.

The admin interface seem a bit different from what I see last time ( it’s been a while I stop using it after my free tier account end ) and it seem like a lot of thing has been automated or GUI-ed, at least it can be safely say even you are not a hardcore developer /system administrator you can still manage the AWS and utilized some of the service.

The only complaint should be the place is too small for so many people, especially the last part to collect your cert , me and my friend just skip it after collect the T-shirt, the queue is hardly move and so many people squeeze in a small place. Hopefully they will arrange for us to collect some other time.

AWSome Day

Anyway I really think the whole services that provided by Amazon AWS is really awesome , it also a great push for lots of startup to build their product / service in a better budget and easier to scaling.

I m looking forward for the next AWS event – the AWS summit in July.

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