Category: Notes To Myself

This is the only personal category , which include what i m thinking ,what i have done every year , what my resolutions every year.Most of the time the blog post in this category is more like a notes that i keep for myself.


10 things about Rework Labs 2016

It’s been six years since I started Rework Labs, I m planning to make it different this year, let’s hope this year I can push it forward. These are the ten important things about...


2016 Year In Review

It’s kind of late to write a 2016 review, I been losing momentum to write anything for the past few month. Finally today I have some time to sit down and type out this...


Rework Labs Report September 2016

After 2 round of sick, finally, October seem like everything starts back on track. I went for a short staycation for my wife birthday and spending some quality time with my family member. Finally, I...