Rework Labs Report June 2016

It’s been late again for the monthly post, I been busy for rushing some work for the past few week and didn’t feel like post anything, but today I have to push myself to come out with some words. I visited Kuantan early June for a business trip, and I totally enjoy the 4 hours plus road trip and won’t mind going again.

What’s happen in June?

Freelance – completed two contest site based on WordPress and another two quick mockups based on Laravel.

Enquiry – There are three enquiry incoming, only the tiny one is confirmed.

Internal – migrated all server to Linode since the ram upgrade, it has saved my server cost since I original plan to upgrade the server for more ram.

Compare to June, I have a more excited July, working on a Laravel package and a product mockup currently, I will have more interesting to tell next month.

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