Category: Web Apps

This is my favourite category ,it includes my reviews, ideas, thinking and beta experience on different kind of web services and web applications. I started this category during the web2.0 era and all these web experience urge me to choose the web development path.


Host your own repo on Gitlab

I m a Github’s paid customer for the past one year; I m on their small plan, which allows me to host ten private repo by $12, and soon I need an upgrade because ten repo...


Why I choose Mailgun over Sparkpost

I blog about too bad, Mandrill 2 month ago, and I just finish migrated all my sites to the new provider – Mailgun. I do consider about Sparkpost but after some real usage and comparison, I...


Meat! Git for developer

I got the invite to try out Meat! few day ago, it was a Git hosting for developer, something like Github but with nice deploy options. I think should be more like Beanstalk‘s competitor. Meat! come...