Host your own repo on Gitlab

I m a Github’s paid customer for the past one year; I m on their small plan, which allows me to host ten private repo by $12, and soon I need an upgrade because ten repo is not enough. Instead of paying for the next tier, I been looking for any alternative solutions since there are a lot of fancy addon on Github that I don’t use it.

That’s why I found Gitlab, launch it on a VPS which cost $10 per month only and I can put more than ten repo. Digital Ocean is right for this; there are options for you to install Gitlab with one button click. Follow their tutorial you can setup Gitlab without any problem.

Once your Gitlab instance has been setup, two things can be done

  1. Setup Let’s Encrypt SSL cert for your Gitlab by following this post, this will add the https layer to protect all your repo.
  2. Setup the Github integration, this will allow you to import your project from Github.

After completed all these steps, you will need to start changing all the remote origin to make sure your server side code and your local development all are pointing to this new Gitlab instance.

Currently, I m running 12 repo on 1GB VPS, and it seems pretty stable, I didn’t turn on a lot of features like build. The only time I am getting out of memory error is when I do mass repo migration. I will continue to monitor this, if the memory issue keeps appearing, I might be considered to try Gogs, which seem like having smaller memory footprint.

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