Pack Your Google

So in stead of release the rumor “Google Pc” , Google realease the Google Pack with the slogan make your computer jus work which include some of Google ‘s software and some of the freeware.

by default this package come with

  • Google earth
  • picasa
  • Google Desktop
  • Google toobar for IE
  • Google pack screen saver ( something new )
  • Firefox with google toolbar
  • Ad-aware Personal
  • Adobe Reader 7
  • Norton Antivirus 2005 with 6-month subscription ( bad move ? should put in those freeware antivirus like claim or avg
  • Real Player
  • Trilian
  • Google Talk
  • Gallery Player HD Image ( huh never heard about this before)

Google pack allow you to customize first before you download, you can choose what you want to and what you don’t want , other then this there are a google update feature where it claim that will update the software.

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