add a dot for your yahoo email

if you have an yahoo account, now you are allow to add a secondary email with the new dot effect. What is new dot effect ? if you use gmail before you should know that for gmail, your username can be @ .. ya same thing now for yahoo mail you are allow to have [email protected]

so better get the “dot” address now because there are people mad rush for it , i try to get [email protected] , but it seem like taken ..

so i just getting because i already have

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  • I still thinks that the dot way of making email is not effective…..but as a lot of people have the same name…that is the only way they could get their username.

    if possible, i would rather get without the dot

  • Knight

    oooo i do prefer dot , as you mnetion a lot people having same name, the dot can actually increase the chance to use some of the famous term ..