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The Lion-ification of Evernote 0

The Lion-ification of Evernote

Evernote is quite happening recently, other than Skitch acquisition , iOS update and the Mac App edition has just become Lion compatible and make use of some of the Lion features. One of my favourite...


Skitch Acquired by Evernote

It is interesting how I found out about this piece of news, I saw Skitch appear as free apps on Mac Stories Daily Deals series and I wonder what are the promos they are...

5 web services as christmas gifts 0

5 web services as christmas gifts

It might be slightly late to blog about christmas gift choices, but if you still struggle what gift to buy,i hope this post is going to help.Since there are so many christmas gift recommendation post around, i going to post something different, this post will be Christmas gift choice of web services for your web savvy/geek friend.