My Web Apps / Services usage 2011

I m using lesser web services / web apps compare to the past few year and it seem like I will be much more prefer web services that using application as interface or it just work without much configuration.These are the web applications / web services that I m still using during 2011.

  • Gmail – using to manage all my email , even my own domain, I will be just use the Google Apps to host my own emails, I been using iPhone Mail and Sparrow to check my Gmails.
  • Google Calendar – using to manage all my appointment, it sync with my iPhone ical my iMac ical.
  • Dropxbox – One of the best Cloud Storage services and it help me a lot for my freelance work.
  • Evernote – One of the best notes that live in the Cloud, you can access it through multi platform and multi device is one of the selling point.
  • Remember The Milk – My todo list services for the past few year,the iPhone version is good and the iPad version is better and don’t forget most of premium to do list is charging for the sync, why not just get a services instead of an application.
  • Pinboard – I believe this is one of the web services that I can only access it through web browser, it still serve me well for me to bookmark resources.

As you can see most of the choice remain the same like last year, I belive I have moving from Goole era which using everything through the Browser  to access all kind of web application in the cloud – to the Apple era , where using all the device  with apps to access the Cloud.

This might be the reason other than web development , I would like to give iOS development a try.

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