Review 2014

It seem like one day later for the annual review compare to last year, as usual I m trying to note down this in order to review what have I done for the past 1 year, I been trying to draft out this post in my mind for the past few day , it feel like so many thing happen but not sure what to note down.

Checking on my 2014 resolutions , seem like I have missed all the goal , there are a short period I moving toward certain goal but it go missing in action half way. It seem like doing a routine smaller goal check monthly should be better to keep track.

Other then can’t keep up the goal myself, the other important reason is the new arrival of my  little one,, even now I m still learn to adapt of my new role as a father, the experience is kind of mixed and it does make me treasure my parent more. Looking at my little one and I start to understand how my parent feel sometime.

So these are the 10 memorable things for 2014.

  • Welcome my little one.
  • The first 6 month I just busy with my little one and rewrite a project for free and I did worry for the income in that first 6 month, first time since I start working freelance.
  • Everything turn good in the last 6 month.
  • It’s not easy to take care of the kids and work from home.
  • Getting some good help from friends to push forward my biz.
  • Meet matt for the first time after using WordPress for so many year.
  • First in my life hit by credit card fraud.
  • My first time to HK
  • Never try to work while travel, it really suck.
  • Take a 2 week break for the first time in year end. I been busy working during end of the year for the past few year.

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