10 things about Rework Labs 2011

I guess starting this year I will need to have a yearly review for my company and I hopefully it won’t just last until next year. These are the 10 random things about my company – Rework Labs for the past 10 month.

  1. Total income for the past 10 month is about SGD $20k+, if you average with 10 month operation, it is about SGD$2k per month, which might be enough if I m alone and renting a small room and operate in Singapore.
  2. The highest income project bring in around SGD $3500, but the amount of effort and code is far more than that.
  3. The longest project also the highest income project which last for the whole 10 month , just close it this month.
  4. One of the biggest expense is the Appcelerator Developer License which cost me around SGD$500 and bring in 0 income.
  5. Rework Labs use to call “We Make Apps”, I thought the domain can be register but who know it actually own by some other people , so in the end I couldn’t get the domain and I just change the company name.
  6. “Rework Labs” this name simply come from the book “Rework”, which I hope I can apply most of the “Rework” theory on it when it become a bigger company.
  7. I registered the company on 11 / 1 / 2011 , hopefully bring in some luck due to unique date , but seem like it doesn’t really help.
  8. Rework Labs have 5 client, but one of the client is a designer, which bring in all kind of jobs.
  9. One of the most unique job for Rework Labs is building an iPhone/iPad compatible mobile web for a flash site.
  10. I been operate it without a name card for the past 10 month, I have the design already just wait to send in for printing.

So let’s see how next year going , just like what my friend comment on my previous post , it’s 2012 or never.

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