My Freelance Career 2011

This should one of the tough topic for this year , I leave my previous job around Feb and become a full-time freelance developer , I blog about this as  a monthly report here , if you ask me did I regret , the answer is “No”.

The decision pop up last-minute, I didn’t have 6 month or 1 year saving but the urge to go out do something is really strong. I feel like if I give it a miss or simply ignore the urge , I might just stay at the same company until become old. Without extra saving and network, I don’t even have any work on hand yet , I just resign and try to be the freelance developer.

So far nine month have pass , for sure the income can’t compare with my previous job , but I do have some special job satisfaction , I have more time to explore new skill and I done some special project that I won’t have chance to touch it if I stay put.

There are 2 things that I wish I have done for the past 9 month but I been miss out is the product and projects:

  • Products – I have this idea when I start to become freelancer ,  start from freelance then I can have time to build up my product, then maybe from my own product I can build my startup , but until today I still 1o0% base on my freelance income and didn’t build up any product, a good example is for a quiet month like December , there are almost no freelance work incoming.
  • Projects – I don’t have any personal project that can really show off what I have learned, this will be a better portfolio and can bring in more opportunity.

I have set a target for next year , if I can’t meet it , most likely I will be going back to the corporate world or maybe join a startup, the rational behind this is I m not alone, I have family and I need to take care of them, they have been sacrificed quite a bit and I will be an official husband next year and might need to plan for the little one.

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