28 is the begining

Yes, it’s official i m turning 28 today ..  i still recall yesterday i was talking to someone on phone , when he ask me how old am i, my instant respone is 26 … after 5 sec later then i correct myself again .. is 28.

This year slightly different compare to past few day, this year i was damn busy for this month, so don’t really plan anything for myself, even buying a present for myself , i still can’t decide what to buy. For the past few week, i been busy looking for a new place to move, busy packing and now blog at the new home, other then this i having some struggle on my job but gladly now this has been resolved.

So why is it 28 is the beginining ? i been thinking to start my own biz and i hope this can be done before 30, yeah 2 more year to go and i need to start put in more effort !

anyway happy birthday to myself.

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