Something about 25

Just go thru last year birthday post, geez quite drama .. anyway this year everything is going smooth

  • thx for all those left comment here to greet me birthday
  • thx for ah meng give me a call for greeting
  • thx for joey call from aus for greeting
  • thx for dad and mum call me early in the morning for greeting
  • thx for my bro sms greeting and crumpler bag as present
  • thx for my sis send me a cute sms for greeting
  • thx for lancelot calling from aus too, altot been cut off few time due to in the train, but he still recall .. haha
  • last of cos thx for my gal for keep me accompany this year .. ooo and the bag she bought for me.

mmmm i think like what my brother say i should have some resolutions

  • having good performance for my job ( convert from contract to perm and $$ increase )
  • lose weight , target = 10KG
  • my own script 

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