Mysql Problem with Drupal

after i mention about Drupal vs Mambo , i getting some feedback and more putting effort for more research, i decided to use Drupal . i was playing with Drupal this few day, i found out that Drupal is not that easy as i think but its more intersting if i compare to Mambo .

So i was keep getting this error

user error: Access denied for user: ‘knight@localhost’ to database ‘drupal’
query: LOCK TABLES sequences WRITE in /htdocs/bla/includes/

althought it wont really affect anything. but is quite annoying, so i decide to debug this error, i found some solution at drupal site but it seem wierd to me because my mysql is on  4.02 but i can’t see the lock table option, then i saw an error msg on phpmyadmin, i know that i need to upgrade my privilege tables. althought my mysql is on version 4.02 but my privilege tables still on version 3.23.

so these are the step

  • run this under shell mysql_fix_privilege_tables –password=root_password
  • it show some success msg and some duplicate error msg which can ignore
  • restart mysql server /etc/init.d/mysql restart
  • login phpmyadmin now you can see the lock table option
  • grant the option for the user and for the particular database

problem solve !

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