Rework Labs Report September 2016

After 2 round of sick, finally, October seem like everything starts back on track. I went for a short staycation for my wife birthday and spending some quality time with my family member. Finally, I can take a break.

So what happen on September?

Freelance – complete some of the outstanding projects including a membership register site, rewrite an online voting prototype into Laravel 5.3 app,  completing another membership site with the premium template and upgrade method.

Enquiry – The big project still on talk and since I already meet my sales goal this year, I’m pretty relaxing with this deal. The deal still waiting for approval, if become confirm, of course, it will mark a new sales milestone for myself, even is not a success, I can make use of the time to launch my product.

Learn – Playing with the load balancer, not for load balance purpose, thanks for Linode setup load balancer is easy nowadays.

Product – Thinking on a new idea and hopefully can build up the prototype soon.

My recently free time has been pretty much occupied by World of Warcraft and iFlix, it doesn’t seem very good for productivity, but somehow I feel that I need these to balance out.


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