Summary of my blog 2008

This going to be my self-review for 2008 part 2.

It’s not really that happening on this blog for the past 1 year, i did twice major theme changes , which is the V8 and V9 , i try different combination of layout and because of v9 using some theme framework , i have migrate my ads to plugin control , in stead of need to hard coded everytime i changing theme.

Other thent this i have migrate my site from to, which cause my page rank drop, currently on Page Rank 2, i don’t really have a proper keep track of my blog stat on 2007 , that’s why there are no stat to compare with, but i know the visit and page view is dropping like hell ( Yes i going to do something on it to save it!). Hosting wise , this blog has swap 3 host this year, knownhost, webfaction and now on media temple, the previous 2 host both are great host ,i moved it because of some other reason.I also launch my development blog not long ago which still need a lot of pump up.

Just check on my archives, i been blogging for 5 year and i really hope there are another 5 year for this blog.

These are my 2008 popular post – by popularity plugin ( include comment and trackback performance)

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  7. Multi Sync
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  9. i admit i m WOW addicted
  10. Can’t SSH on Mac ?

These are my 2008 popular post – by google analytics

  1. Web Messenger List
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  3. Syn Google Calendar with Palm
  4. Ajax WordPress Theme is Out !
  5. Mac Style Windows By Freeware
  6. dbt-122 dlink usb bluetooth
  7. Another april fool – World Of Starcraft ?
  8. No matter how gifted you are,you alone cannot change the world
  9. 26 things a sweet guy would do?
  10. Google Calendar Integrated with GTD

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