Reorganize categories & tags

I spending a few hour last night and this morning, finally finish reorganize all my categories and 80% of my tag, nope not continue any more , 80% is about most of the popular tag, the remaining tag mostly use only once, which i not going to waste my whole weekend on it.

so is there a need to reorganize these ?

  1. yes , this is a 4 years blog already, is time to do some clean up
  2. yes, consolidate into fewer category and make it flat , one level only, no more hierarchy category
  3. yes, since the tag feature is build-in now, reorganize it to work better with tag, example now in stead of different category, i can just make a open source category and tag each entry with more specific tag like PHP, Javascript
  4. yes, since the tag feature is build-in now, you need to tag your old post too, make it more visible to the search engine.
  5. yes , related post plugin now mostly is base on tag, in order to show related entries for your old post, you need to tag it too.

so i m using 2 plugins to reorganize my post

Simple Tags – a powerful tag management plugin which allow you to have more control of your tag, include features like tag cloud, related entries and mass edit tag.

  • It allow you to batch rename tags, example rename a few tag into one tag example you can rename “wordpress 2.1” , “wordpress 2.2” and “wordpress 2.3” into single tag “wordpress”
  • It allow you to find match tags and add a tag on it, example you serch for every post that have “wordpress”tag and add “blog” tag
  • the tag can be sort by popularity , example i can edit those tag which have most post ( most popular )
  • it allow to search, example by searching “wordpress” all the wordpress theme, wordpress plugin tag will be show
  • the missing part should be allow to interact with category, example all the post from this category will apply this tag.

Batch Categories – this plugin allow you to batch edit categories & tags.

  • for category part feature, this plugin allow you mass moving your post between different category
  • it allow you different method to find the posts that you want to edit, you can grab all from one category, search by wild card or search by tag, example search all the post that consist of “wordpress” and move into wordpress this category
  • not only category feature, it also have some batch edit tag feature, by make use of the 3 searching method, you can add , remove and replace tag, this is useful when your category is tie to your tag

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