Mac Switcher

I have created a mac category and move some of the old post that related to mac over. I would like to announce i m nearly 100% mac switcher ( other then work) !

One year ago, i m using windows XP at home and office , using windows mobile for my phone, most of the project i m working on is windows based. I always thinking to fully move out from windows platform.

I bought my macbook pro on September and start fully using it on December, never start my windows box for any work. Few day ago i also changed my mobile phone to nokia phone, last i can’t avoid to use windows in office but at least what i working on is php web development.

Actually my switcher road should be easier compare to the rest, since i love web development, most of the applications i m using is web based, there is not much different when you use firefox on windows or mac. After become switcher , those tiny application that work on mac also attract my attention, just like during the windows platform those day, there are lot of free and open source software too on Mac. I think able to play world of warcraft on mac also helped too.

I think i mention this before the theme for this blog is also done on Mac, so far i feel totally comfortable with Mac and i think i m no regret to be a switcher.

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