10 things about Rework Labs 2016

It’s been six years since I started Rework Labs, I m planning to make it different this year, let’s hope this year I can push it forward.

These are the ten important things about Rework Labs in 2016.

  1. Total collected revenue remains the same with less than 2% increase.
  2. Around 20% of income is from Malaysia this year.
  3. 60% income are from the same client, and all applications are for in-house usage.
  4. I have built an MVP for a startup on WordPress.
  5. I have my first local biz trip to Kuantan.
  6. Build web application for a petrol station.
  7. A massive e-commerce project in talk for few months, still not confirm.
  8. Lost one of recurring maintenance e-commerce website, the site transform into a market place.
  9. Propose a profit sharing deal for an e-commerce site.
  10. Build an admin package of Laravel for my own usage.

It’s a not so bad year for Rework Labs, but again I miss out to build anything and convert to product biz. I hope 2017 I can finally put a check mark on this goal.


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