Category: Social

This is the social 101 category , which include social network, social networking , social media and social applications. Currently the major topic should be related to facebook and twitter , other then these two , i will blog some of the exisitng website, web service or web application which adapt the social feature.


Cancel my wow subscription

Yeah, finally I have just pause my subscription from World of Warcraft latest expansion Warlords of Draenor, so that I can more focus on my work and get rid of this little distraction. I...


My Twitter is on New Twitter

Today Twitter is doing massive interface upgrade on their iOS ,Mobile Web , Web , Android clients, from what I can see the iOS and Mobile Web version seem like identical , but so...


How to setup Facebook Video Call on Mac

I believe this morning one of the biggest news should be the partnership between Facebook and Skype and rolling out the Facebook Video Calling feature. There are few things Facebook trying to do for...