How to setup Facebook Video Call on Mac

I believe this morning one of the biggest news should be the partnership between Facebook and Skype and rolling out the Facebook Video Calling feature. There are few things Facebook trying to do for this release, not only just a product release, it try to make some noise to prevent everyone talking about Google Plus Only.

I going to run through how to set up Facebook Video Call on Mac , first you need to visit the Facebook Video Call page, clicking on the Getting Start button will launch your friend list, choose one of your friend and follow the instruction to start the video call.

You will prompt to download a file – FacebookVideoCalling.jar, once the download is finish , start the terminal and type Java -jar FacebookVideoCalling.jar. This will actually prompt the Facebook Video Call download client , it will download and setup for your Mac.

So I continue to start the video call , just try to give my bro a call to test this.

Seem like my bro is busy with work, never respond , then I can leave a video message for him. Too bad it seem like lots of people are trying this new feature ? I only getting error message, maybe I shall trying again later.


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  • alan

    when i click on the link to Facebook you have given i just get a box with “We’re sorry!

    Video calling isn’t available on this browser. Please try again with a Different browser.”  thats using mac os lion and the latest version of safari.  I found the .jar file available to download online but i still don’t get a video chat icon anywhere.  any advice?

    • hi Alan , did you run the java command that I mention in the post to get the download client ?

  • Brandon Gregg

    alan can u send me the link for mac?

  • kayaksalad

    When i type the command in terminal, making sure to copy the file name (Java -jar FacebookVideoCalling_v1-1.5.jar) it throws: unable to access jarfile FacebookVideoCalling_v1-1.5.jar

    i have it saved to my desktop. running mac os 10.4.11, firefox 3.6.19


    • hi , maybe you should make sure running this command on your deskstop ?
      type “cd ~/Desktop” , in order to move into desktop folder and run the command again.

  • James R Gould

    It wont even download for me it just says; the facebook installer has encountered a problem please try again later. Why wont it download?!

  • Lopez Gissell

    how dlo i set it up

  • Corleytn

    Could not get video call to work on my mac either

  • Zakmurape

    Its not wrkng on my Ma

  • guest

    u have to go to your applications then right lick and press open with java then it will work

  • Suketu

    “FacebookVideoCalling_v1-4.6.jar” cant be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. What does that mean.

  • Minha Monre

    Please tell me how to access facebook from Mac os

  • ceavs

    i have encounter the same problem for my mac . it just says: “FacebookVideoCalling_v1-4.6.jar” cant be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. — should i go download from other source ? or there is other way to install facebook chat ?