My recommended Apps for Mac App Store

I just made my biggest purchase from Mac App Store few day ago , this is not my first time buying apps from MAS , I bought xcode some time ago , but why I call this biggest purchase ? because I bought 4 apps in one go.

I been evaluated this 4 apps for some time , I used the beta / bundle deal / previous version of this 4 apps , make sure these apps really meet my need and do what I want, I also crawling forum to get more info on these apps to make sure that it wont become abandonware, lastly I make sure it  is on promo or the price never change since they launch ( means that unlikely they will go on promo price ) .

So these are 4 mac apps that I just bought and I m highly recommend these apps to every mac users.

1. Sparrow ($9.99) – a Gmail client with very clean layout, there are a few Gmail client out there for mac, but I prefer Sparrow not just because their cheap pricing, they are actively release new feature , example Gmail priority Inbox support , Facebook Avatar integrated, the twitter style inbox layout, all these giving user a different user experience.

2. Reeder ($9.99) – my favourite RSS client that sync with my Google reader, I have the iPad version and love the user interface after using it to read my RSS feed. When the desktop version release beta , immediately it become one of the high usage apps on my mac.

3. Money 4 ($18.99) – a personal finance applications ,  I got the money 3 during one of the mac apps bundle sale, but I didn’t use it, until I feel disappointed on Buxfer and thinking to move all my financial data out from the clouds, Money become one of the great replacement. I’m  impressed  by the company behind Money – Jumsoft, I remember having some problem to import Buxfer data and asking for help , the developer from Jumsoft did some modification and continuous send me 3 different build of Money to solve my problem. Currently Money 4 is on promo and compare to Money 3 , it have more features and the new interface is really neat and clean, that’s why I show my support to them.

4. Pixelmator ($29.99) – I’m struggle to buy this app because design is not something I m good at , but lots of user recommend this to non-design base user because it allow to do a lot of things what Photoshop can be done with just $30 and it also very lightweight compare to Photoshop. Pixelmator  also getting apple design award during WWDC 2011 , which some promise their application quality. Currently it is on promo price and I heard that the 2.0 is releasing soon and it going to be a big improvement.

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