Freelancer Report June

It’s time for my June report already when it seem like I just blogged my May report yesterday,.. Time really flies without noticing espcially when you’re busy.

One of the new project this month was to take over a CMS that was custom build by other freelancer  by adding new feature on it. Although it does kill off some of my brain cells to track down how the CMS work, I m able to complete the project slightly earlier than what I planned , happy !

Income – It’s about $2.3k this month , and the bigger part of this income was generated from one of the outstanding payment since Jan , so the income for this month’s  actual work done is about the same like last month.Can’t deny  that not only I’m busy for my relocation, I’ve been slightly slacking also as well, I should’t really work harder to release my product so as to increase my side income.

Project – Main project that I’ve handle this month includes building 2 features for a startup , fixing some bugs for the html5 mobile sites, and been actively discuss and planning to revamp a system that was built by me last year and I’m planning to migrate it over to FuelCMS and hosted on Amazon AWS.

Personal project wise, I have set up a WordPress MU and migrated all my standalone WordPress site into this MU build. Although it still required some tweaks for now but overall it already allow me to manage multiple WordPress sites better. At the same time, I have also done some tweaks and theme changes for this blog, and this seem to increase my June’s Adsense income by 40% ! Honestly, I think this is one of the highest Adsense income that I gotten since 2007.

Learn – Firstly, I have managed to deploy the site through Git and setup Git on my VPS. Secondly I have done some research on Facebook open graph and lastly, I have researched on cloud hosting and VPS as I’ll be needing these info for some future project and my startup project. I still didn’t find time to kickstart on Titanium, I guess I’ll have to delay this until most probably after my relocation.

Startup – I have a few more ideas in my brain but really lack of development time , Shall I really dive into Rails ? Will that actually help ? I getting 2 more eBook which is about Facebook marketing and another one is about learning Ruby On Rails. My e-book backlog is getting longer and longer!

So what’s next ?

Since I’ll be busy for relocation this coming month and mostly focus on the revamp project as I mention above, most likely I won’t  getting anymore work. Probably I can spend some time on server tweaking and script building.

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