Freelance Report January 2013

I wanted to start this year series when I back to work from the CNY festival , normally the starting day won’t have much thing to do , a blog post like this will be perfect to mark the starting , but due to some reason, I don’t really have the mood and time to squeeze out this post yesterday, so this post has been delayed until today , the day I should start my engine in full speed to produce some code.

So here what’s happen on January.

Freelance – Working on the canvas project since end of Dec , it’s quite a challenging project but I m glad I manage to handle it , I also working on the CMS project which getting quite a bit new request from the client , hopefully by end of Feb I can finish it all.

Enquiry & Deal – 1 confirm deal which been talking since last year , about 8 incoming enquiry, only 2 which seem like higher chances.

Projects – Revamp done on company site and my personal blog , might need some extra optimization but overall I m glad completed both revamp in January . Designing is really killing me but I guess I need to pick up since some of the project just need some basic design which I have to cater for it.

Startup – planning on some WordPress plugins, should be tie with the project I going to do , so that not only I can use it for my client , I can sell it as well ,hopefully can see some plugins sale in Feb. I start to use Asana to manager all project related work too , hopefully this could fix my task list problem on RTM.

Problem – I m having a bad focus month , can’t really focus most of the time and busy with preparation of CNY festival , hopefully next month will be better.

Sales Goal – I have set a goal to meet for the first 6 month , current status  30% meet , 70% more to go !

2013 is year of snake , hopefully everything will be smooth, huat ah!

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