Freelance Report Apr 2012

Another busy month has just passed , I have rejected a project in April and I have cancel another project today, it might sound good that having so many incoming project but I also struggle to manage multiple project at the same time while preparing for the wedding,it seem like so many decision have to make everyday.

I plan for doing slightly different for income this part starting for this month, it doesn’t really sounds good to talk about income every month, I decided to report on this part every 4 month, no special reason why 4 month, maybe 3 times a year sounds good?

Financial Report for Rework Labs 2012

  • project  completed and collected payment – $9000
  • project completed and waiting for payment – $3470
  • project waiting for finalized – $5600

On average every month have about $4k , but in exchange I work almost 7 days a week, so ideally the income should be increase with lower working hours. Ultimately I still need to have my own product.

Freelance – continue wrap up the project offline, working on a WordPress project and another simple campaign project, first time meet up some hosting company that don’t know how to solve the PHP issue on server.

Learn – learn to say no and reject projects which I cannot handle,kick-start some Laravel learning, still long way to go.

Prospect – meet up with 3 clients last month , rejected one of the work offer but I try my best to provide info to help , one of the project is waiting for quotation confirmation and one project just meet with client’s client , quotation in progress.

Startup – have a talk with some friend that work in startup, now have a better ideas what to build, hopefully can have the demo ready in June.

So many ideas, so little time and so little help , still struggle shall I build the team ?

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