Freelance Report May 2012

Finally I have the writing mood to squeeze out the May report before end of July , It’s quite bad although I do have some valid reason which I will be mention on the June report.

There are many things happen on May ,I turn 32 this year.

I rejected a big project and wonder shall I just sub the project others rather than just rejected like this, but for sure I m glad that I take out the first step to reject it , it might impact my freelance reputation but I think it is better than just holding it and can’t deliver, I m quite exhausted from all the work and pre wedding preparation.

I also take in 2 junior staff to test will the training mode working for my company setup , so not only I m busy for work , I m busy to plan and teach.

Freelance –  Rejected a big project, Collected one of the biggest amount cheque as deposit for another big project, Working on a custom CMS for very unique usage and another WordPress project with new customer.

Learn – learning on Laravel and love it , build a custom CMS based on it.

Startup – trying to recruit some junior staff to help and learn how to get along with them, planning work and training for them.

I do plan for some project on June and I thought since I m not taking any new job for June, I might be free to build something but I was wrong.


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