Freelance Report June 2012

I was trying to take a break in June , since there will be lots of thing need to prepare for the wedding and I thought I might be able to squeeze in some time to build an iPhone app but in the end that was just a “Fat Hope”.

I only  accept a small WordPress customization project but there are some follow-up fix for the previous work done  and wedding preparation really use up lots of energy , I m glad that my wife been planning for most of the things of wedding.

 Freelance – working on a WP project and some follow-up project fix.

Startup –  Did some financial planning and reality check on my junior staff, it seem like the current model not really suitable, I been busy with all the work and traveling  yet still need to fork up time to plan and training them, the progress is quite slow too. So after a month of trying, I just let the staff know it seem like this not really going to work out.

The rest of June I just spend on prepare  for  the wedding event, going through the wedding event and having a small getaway after the wedding.

it’s really relax to temporary put down everything about work but I know that when I coming back , it mark the 2nd half of the 2012 is started, will need to plan what to do for the next 6 month.

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