Rework Labs Report March 2015

March ended up going by pretty fast, mainly because of 2 things , rushing an e-commerce module and enjoy 2 week holidays in Melbourne. Although lesson learned from my last HK trip, trying to avoid doing any work during my trip, but some minor task still squeeze in, lucky it didn’t spoil the mood much, I guess that’s the price a freelancer need to pay for ?

At this stage most of the internal goal has been missed, I have just did some clean up this morning and rearrange the all my task and priority, although i feel guilty for repeatedly missing the goal , but i think looking forward is more important than spending time keep review and feel guilty on it.

Some other things that I try on March.

  • Build e-commerce module for a custom site.
  • Working on PayPal integration.
  • Paying subscription for those store that reselling premium plugin in order to try out some of the plugin.
  • Learn that must factor in the PayPal transaction fee in order to receive payment internationally.
  • Sending out 2 quotation which both more than $10k estimate but no reply so far, I guess it burst.
  • Trying to convert some of the project into monthly maintenance.

I think the first quarter of the year is kind of wasted , but like I mention above, rather then feel guilty on it , why not work hard to improve what’s coming next, looking forward for the second quarter !

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