Freelance Report Mar 2012

So March is pretty exciting and exhausted , which is the main reason delay my Feb report , to avoid the same thing happen to my Mar Report , I m avoid to giving myself excuse or think “maybe tomorrow”

The main thing in March is I actually plan to expand my team , there are quite a few project in the pipeline, I was trying to justify the need to expand and is now the right time to do it. After wasted quite sometime to measure it , I decided to push the decision after June my wedding, then maybe I can have a clearer vision how I going to approach this.

Income –  $1300. It seem like getting worse but the fact is I have like more than $5k of work done and the payment is pending.

Freelance – Continue on the Offline Demo, work out another WordPress project, doing some enhancement for the previous project.

Event – I went to Facebook Mobile Hack and Evernote User Group meetup ,enjoy Evernote user group more since meetup with someone I know.

Learn – In stead of technical skill , I learn some of the manage skill and start to learn how to think more like a company rather than a freelancer.

Startup – So far I think is doing good and quite a few freelance work did help me for thinking design some project for agency use, if all the project is confirm on Apr , I will already have double revenue of what I did last year, looking forward the rest of month.

Looking forward for April, pick up a new framework and build a full site for client.

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