Freelance Report Feb 2012

It’s been nearly 2 month since the last post, finally push myself to blog about Feb report before the due date for Mar report is coming, even my friend was asking , it been some time since your last post ?

I been really busy with lots of thing includes work , wedding , plan for expanding my business, meeting with client and some other real life issue, some time when I finally squeeze out some free time , I just want to rest , don’t really think in that kind of exhausted condition, I can write a proper post.

Thanks for DayOne , these are what happen on Feb 2012.

Income – $2600 and there are still some outstanding payment haven’t got yet.

Freelance –  one WordPress project , one Offline demo and a follow-up enhancement of January project, I did some bad estimate on the demo project now still struggle with it, it is not difficult but very manual, lesson learned. Meet up with additional leads and I guess I m quite comfortable to meet up with new leads to discuss what I can do for them.

Learn – JavaScript template engine Handlebars , need to look into this to compare the advantage of JavaScript template.

When I thought that February is quite painful and packed with work, March is even worse.

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