Rework Labs Report August 2015

I totally forget that I haven’t written about last month post, what a slack month.

So far my productivity level is still lower than usual, I m trying a few way to counter it, but doesn’t seem like working. I believe I feel depress if I continue to push myself, I just let it go and do everything in a more relax mood.

It’s a mixed feeling, on one side I love to do it in a more relax mood, at least I think I have enough rest and entertainment while doing my work. On the other side, I have slow progress for my job, and it seems it take a longer hour for me to get into “the zone” to produce code. I seem like easier to get distract too during this period.

So what I did last month?

  • Did a quick mock up of iOS for project HS using ionic.
  • Complete the last outstanding task for project HS.
  • Working on few enhancements for two woocommerce site.
  • Project Xm still in slow progress.
  • Planning for Project Iama.

Currently is about mid-Sep already, nothing much has been big improved, but at least Project Xm has started progress well. Hopefully, after the short gateway and conference during this month end, I will be in better shaped.

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