Rework Labs Report Feb 2014

One of the shortest month has been passed , it really fast when you only have 28 days to spend. I been doing some planning for side project for this month, the main reason is based on the current condition, it’s a bit hard for me to take in a rush job, lucky there are still some of the good deal incoming, nothing confirm but I m positive on this.

so what happen on this shortest month ?

Freelance – The main focus is doing a Laravel 4 project, I have learned quite a bit of trick to tweak the framework and some bug fixing for the go live Laravel 4 CMS.

Enquiry & Deal – 4 enquiry , rejected 1 due to rush work although is a Laravel based work, the rest is all WordPress related and it sort of related to the side project I going to launch.

Business – Hired one of the old friend as my freelancer to help out, hopefully can help me work out some of the issue which I don’t handle well.

Projects – kick-start the planning, it’s going to be a maintenance service based. 2 more related side project in mind.


  • Try out on craftcms nothing really impress.
  • Try out statamic , feel good with it, although didn’t really dig in much, if I will invest time for a flat file CMS in 2o14, this will be the one.
  • Setup Ghost blog , thanks for webfaction one button click , it setup nicely, might be hosted another blog focus on products ?

Starting a new service / project is really not easy with a new born , but in the same time it seem like quite suitable because you time has been slice into smaller piece, it’s hard to do a rush work or bigger project, let’s see how it goes on march.

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