Rework Labs Report Jan 2014

January monthly report has been late, I been thinking to merge it with the next month post, but I feel this will be come an excuse to write less so I try to force myself sit down and write something.

Since I want to move in a different direction this year, I rename this series from Freelance Report to Rework Labs Report, the main reason for this change is remind myself, spin off for just doing freelance work, make some product !. I have a few plan in mind but mostly will start around March time.

So what happen during Jan 2014 ?

Freelance – the Laravel 4 based CMS has launched, so most of time are just bug fixing, I kick-start another  Laravel 4 based web application to rebuild what I have done on Fuelcms 2 year ago, some mini WordPress project.

Enquiry & Deal – 2 enquiry , nothing confirm for now, the strange part is when client ask you for quote, you try to ask for more detail and the user just gone like that, maybe I need to spend more time to follow-up ?

Learn – Laravel 4


  • Apppresser allow user to build mobile app on top for WordPress, bought the license and see what can it be done for this year.
  • Try to set up Ghost , since Webfaction provided one click  setup, so it’s kind of easy, doesn’t seem like have much feature for now, it does really look a nice and clean blogging platform, just wonder will it really fly off.
  • Try  ServerPilot for manage and setup PHP based VPS, it seem simple enough but nothing much to customize, but it does look like a good way to set up a server fast.


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