10 things about Rework Labs 2013

I been talking about Rework Labs performance for 2013 in my 2013 career review and my 2013 personal review , but just want to keep up the traditional like last year , I want to list down 10 memorable things for Rework Labs in 2013.

  • Total revenue for 2013 is about 20% increment , but at the same time I have double my expense for 2013 , this is due to I start to work with others to take down bigger project.
  • One of the custom CMS project has been complete and go live after nearly 2 years of hard work.
  • Complete a small iOS prototype project after drag for one year, it doesn’t really justify the effort I spend compare to the project cost, but it does provide some good mobile project experience.
  • Laravel 4 release and manage to work on a project that based on Laravel 4, not really satisfy with the result.
  • Build a responsive site and spend lots of effort to get it working between iOS and android mobile device, it  just like the old day when you try to get your website working cross browser.
  • One of the client cancel the project just before it launch , only manage to secure the 50% up front deposit, the middle man act blur and disappear.
  • One of the membership site project after 2 year discussion and it still haven’t kickstart.
  • Completed one WordPress based e-commerce project, one review engine using WordPress and migrated an e-learning project on WordPress.
  • First time building a project and collaborate with another developer on Github, really wonder how developer working together last time without the version control.
  • I m glad that around 3 projects cancel last-minute during December , if not I might have a really stressful year-end.

The whole year is kind of mixed, there are times I worry for no incoming project and there are times that I only able to sleep like 4 hours daily to finish up projects. I haven’t really have time to update my Rework Labs profile, hopefully I can complete before end of this month. 2014 will be the 4th year of Rework Labs, I have a few things in the pipeline and hopefully can generate additional income source.

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