Review 2013

Starting the last year review at the first weekend of this year , hopefully this mark a good start for this year.

checking on my 2013 resolutions , it seem I don’t really doing well for last year.

  • Weight Control – I guess I better change this to doing regular exercise and eat healthy better, seem like a missing goal for the past few year.
  • Build Open Source & Personal Project – I don’t really launch any personal project, but at least during my short self-improvement project i work out  a hipchat for wordpress plugin and Wardobe on Daux Theme.
  • Create multiple source income other than freelancing – In the end most of my biz still coming from freelancing and the more I doing freelancing, the more I feel the need to tap into other source of income.
  • Expanding business – Didn’t expand in a big way , at least I start to partner with other to take down bigger project, manage to hit sales target.

These are  the 10 memorable things for 2013.

  • Travel Bangkok with family.
  • Travel Taiwan with my wife.
  • Me and my brother both having little one incoming.
  • Going to co-working place and enjoy it.
  • Meet some new friend and click really well and it actually help to open more business opportunity.
  • Trying some self-improvement plan but break by overload freelancing job, it is a good start.
  • Buying lots of e-book and physical book but can’t finish it.
  • Lost some of the valuable things during a break in.
  • Thanks for a friend for giving out an old iMac , after re-polish , now is my main machine.
  • Saving hit a new high since I start freelancing.

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