What I Use In 2005

the 10 thing that i use most often in 2005, 4 web service, 2 web script and 4 program .

  • Netvibes – for personal information aggregator , i use it to keep track my gmail, my delicious, my blog comment feed, my wiki changed and my notes
  • Bloglines – rss reader, i use it to keep track the changes of the blog that i want to follow
  • Del.icio.us – social bookmarking service, i use it to keep my bookmark, i even move all my browser bookmark to it.
  • Remember The Milk – Online todo list, i use it to keep track task list/reminder
  • wordpress – for all my blog, i been using this blogging script
  • dokuwiki – i use it for personal project wiki , record down all my project detail
  • firefox – my primary browser , accompany for daily site surfing
  • thunderbird – my primary email client, working for my email
  • easyphp – a server-all-in-one program, i use it for lots of development
  • msn messager – the most active IM i have after ICQ , tons of net friend communicate through this

most likely thunderbird and remember the milk will been replace soon

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