34 is 4 year after 30

It seem like I didn’t have such a post last year , the last time I did is during 32 , it actually 1 day late already , but just feel to write something for myself and make this a back dated post for yesterday.

I always wonder after a certain age, you will find it the time flies extreme fast , when we are young, we always pray that why not the time move faster , but now day I only want the time to move slower, it always happen that before I have time to do A , one month later,  before I have time to do B , one year later.

As usual I have quite a bit of things that I want to do haven’t done and I already 34 this year , but one thing that I really glad I did is having my little one, It’s not easy to take care a kid and be the working from home dad, I still learning and I did feel suffer sometime, but I always remind myself this is a gift and it has been very nice for us without a lots of trouble.

Getting a new member in the family means I m trying to put more time focus on the family bounding, just like someone advice me , the best time of kids are this few year, they miss it due to their own work and business and now they regret , treasure it now if you can. So I do try to cut down my work and avoid to do much work on the weekend, it does have some impact to my business but I think it can’t be avoid, at the same time I m trying to convert the business into another mode , rather than selling time to exchange of $$ , selling the product to exchange of $$, hopefully I can see better result by end of the year.

I can’t really recall well how my parent treat me when I was that little but I m glad to see now both my parent enjoying taking care of my kids, I feel that some how I have fulfill one of the biggest part of my duty, other than really giving my parent lots of financial support, I guess the little angel that I give them have created more joy for them, it’s satisfy to see the smile when they take care of my kids.

This year there are no celebration nor buying any gift for myself , what I want is just order some food and enjoy with my love on in front of tv, it might be the pressure for taking care of the kids which prevent us to go around for celebration, but for now I guess that’s just fine for me.

Happy 34.

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