35 is a milestone

It’s a year since my 34 post, so try to continue this series of post this year too. Yes, I m 35 now.

Nothing big different from last year, with the new member of the family I m trying hard to get the balance between work and family, sometimes I really wonder does work-life balance really exist ? But many of the famous developers out there are with kids, I m sure I just didn’t find the right way like them counter this. My wife did suggest

My wife did suggest some alternate way to resolve my frustration of lack of time, going to try out start from today, which mean going to change some of my habits time. Hopefully, this will work.

Works are stable, but as I always want to move into product service, freelance service keep coming non-stop. Even when I no longer take any new customer, it still fill up my pipeline, it’s a mixed feeling, but I need to get out from this.

One thing that I notice by having my children, I start to appreciate my parent more, I guess that’s always the case.  I begin to learn it; it’s not an easy task to raise up a kid. I m glad that my parent did provide us a stable grow up environment, and I  want to do the same for my children too.

I guess this year the little gift for myself is the iPhone 6 plus? Aiming it for a while already only get it when I know that’s a promotion recently.

Thanks for my wife to arrange two day trip to Sentosa as well, the biggest happy moment is seeing my son enjoy the child pool and the hotel bed.

Happy 35.

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