My Freelance Career 2012

How time flies ? reading about my freelance career 2011 seem like just happen yesterday , but in fact it’s already end of 2012, the same question I will be asking every year , am I regret to leave my previous job  ?

There is no doubt I was thinking  “What if I never leave the corporate world ?” during the tough time but in the end I’m glad that I take the first step , not only I learn a lot more, doing a lot more different variety of project, meeting a lot of people.In fact I m thinking if not because I become a freelancer I might not be afford some of the bill, since you are spending more on the “corporate life”.

But everything come with a price , something that I really learn is as a freelancer, you don’t really have a weekend or public holidays , most of the time I working 7 day per week, even if there is no pending work, I might be busy to reading all the tech news and trying to improve every seconds, so I don’t really aware of what holidays is upcoming, but at the same time my timing is quite flexible, if there is no urgent work , I might be going for a grocery shopping during a weekday afternoon. Another thing is as a freelancer , the day you stop working , there will no income , for a good example I was on my honeymoon holidays and for that 2 week there are no income at all, but when I m working, I might be able to work 2 ~3 project on a month, which might bringing more income then my monthly salary in the “corporate life”.

I m really proud that I had hit my revenue target this year , despite I m getting married and having my honey moon holidays, of course a big part of this cannot be done without my lovely wife is support and it’s true that it is not easy to be a freelancer’s wife. Other then hitting the revenue, I still didn’t manage to build my own product and launch my personal project. I guess it’s really hard to strike a balance between so many things.

I m looking forward for 2013 to build my product , having personal project and if possible expanding the businesses.

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