Review 2012

Self review post should be done before starting of new year , but this year due to some last min project rushing and celebration of new year at my brother’s place, I didn’t squeeze out lots of review post like last year. I just came home and finally sit down and review what happen for the last 12 month.

Looking at last year resolution , I only manage to hit one main goal (related to my business) which are not listed.

  • Build up exercise habit. – Fail , I think I only went to gym for a few time, really busy with lots of project.
  • Create more personal project. – 50% , no personal project has been done, but I have quite a few unique freelance project.
  • Generate multiple source of income. – Fail, but I manage to hit sales target for my business.
  • Hack more things. 50% , the few unique freelance project did improve my skill.
  • More self-control , anger management and be positive. 50% , could be better.

These are  the 10 memorable things for 2012.

  1. Getting Married.
  2. I don’t handle stress well.
  3. Pass the Titanium exam and become certified Developer.
  4. Enjoying my  honeymoon at Seoul.
  5. Doing not bad for my freelance career.
  6. I went to Facebook Mobile Hack & Evernote event.
  7. Getting some new Gadget include new iPhone , iPad mini and finally own a 27 inch Monitor.
  8. Taking small step trying to expand business but doesn’t really work well.
  9. Become habit to drop some note on what happen on my daily life on Day One.
  10. I blog lesser than I thought but still able to fetch some Adsense income.

Lots of thing happen and I m glad that finally everything is over. I m saying goodbye to 2012 and looking forward to 2013.

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