Review 2015

Just like last year, I was having a short break from Xmas to the new year, so the year end 2015 review post happen in the new year 2016. I was thinking to write something when this site revamps is done, but I afraid in the end nothing will be done, so I do some simple changes on this site and ready the review post.

Checking on my resolutions 2015, for sure I m doing better than 2014, but I believe I can do a lot better.

  • Write more – I blogged around 40% more than 2014 but didn’t hit the one post per week target.
  • Exercise – I been going  Gym since July, before the year end short break, I been doing twice Gym per week.
  • Reading – I completed six books.
  • Learning – Learning tons of Laravel tricks.
  • Build – none.

One of the biggest regret this year is didn’t build anything. By converting my yearly goal into habits seem to like working better too. Lots of smaller steps are easier than One Big Step.

So these are the ten memorable things for 2015.

  • After so many years, finally, we bought our own HDB.
  • The Melbourne Trip during March is fantastic, bring back lots of good memory when I study in Melbourne.
  • Tracking my life Goal through Trello.
  • Using Rescue Time to track my time spending in front of my Mac, it reminds me when I have spent too much time on entertainment than work.
  • Hopefully, I can maintain the short holidays from Xmas to New Year annually.
  • Finally, I start to visit GYM twice a week.
  • I enjoy the twice staycation this year.
  • I bought Apple watch and wore it every day. The activity ring to remind me to move more.
  • I been helping a friend and visited her mother at Batu Pahat once every two months, it’s one of the meaningful things I did this year.
  • The kid bring us lots of happiness moment.

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