Don’t pre purchase just because of promotion

I m working on my tax claim last week and tracking down all the company expenses, and it seems like there is quite a bit of wastage on products / services / script that I purchase.

It’s a common practice for me if some of  my favourite products / services / scripts are having a promotion, and I will buy it first and think about using it later.

It’s a bad habit, it doesn’t affect the whole cash flow but it’s a waste after bought it without using it.

  • I bought the Apppresser agency bundle without release any mobile app last year.
  • Apple Developer License has been renewed 2nd time without any mobile app release.
  • I have significantly reduced buying e-book, but also didn’t finish all the e-book I bought last year.
  • I bought lots of Premium Plugin last year, I think 40% is not in use so far.
  • I subscribe Besnappy for one whole year but haven’t launched any product that can use this customer support tools.

All these added up reduce at least few thousand from what I was earning last year, this year I would like to reduce such wastage. Buy it when I need it and launch it with my on-hand resources.

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