Taylor Otwell Inspire Me

I m glad that I did a correct investment ( in term of effort ) into Laravel few year ago, today the author of Laravel – Taylor Otwell is the one that inspire me. You might not know him if you are not into PHP, but if you are into PHP, he should be one of the first few that you should know.

Although, in the PHP world, you can see it on hacker news or Reddit, there’s always someone attack him when he launch something.

But like I mention on be a better developer before thanks to Taylor, I learn lots of proper technical knowledge through the Laravel framework.

So why suddenly I blog about this, simply because Taylor just release another new product, this tweet conclude what I feel

So far Taylor has been release these product / services

  • Laravel
  • Homestead
  • Cashier
  • Laravel Forge – for PHP app hosting
  • Laravel Envoyer – for PHP app deployment
  • Lumen – the latest release of micro-framework

You might think it might be some nerd who can spend lots of his time to churn out all these, but in fact Taylor is married with kids.

He makes me feel ashamed when I sometimes recall I come out with excuses like because of my wife and kid; I didn’t manage to do some work or release some code.

I think this should be stop, no more excuses. If Taylor with family can still release so many products, why not me to release one product ? I want to stay motivation by Taylor’s new release and release something new soon.

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